Investigations targeted to the creation of legislative instruments and the reduction of administrative barriers for the use of biogas for heating, cooling and power generation (REDUBAR)

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01.12.2006 - 31.05.2009
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The potential for biogas production and use in most European countries is not adequately exploited. To increase the efficiency and for a higher rate of substitution of natural gas with biogas, it is highly recommended to convert biogas into biomethane and distribute it by official natural gas grids to modern high efficient poly generation systems (heating, cooling, climatisation). Main objective of the project is to determine and remove existing non-technological and administrative obstacles and barriers and to propose legislative regulations for the injection of biomethane into natural gas grids and its distribution. The project partners will deliver a complete analysis of regulations in the EU member countries concerning the utilization chain of biomethane. A road map will be elaborated, which will include recommendations for implementation and adaptation of legislative and technical regulations; an information and education program related to the different state of knowledge Europe-wide and a dissemination plan of successful projects of biomethane distribution and utilisation.


  • Models for the evaluation of technology chains from biomass over biomethane production and transportation to distribution and to the polygeneration of power, heating and cooling.
  • Identification of non-technological administrative obstacles and barriers in the utilisation of biogas for power generation, heating and cooling purposes.
  • Based on this analysis recommendations will be given to legislative acting or rule establishing bodies in the EU and their member states. These recommendations concern technical regulations as well as legislative rules and market control measures.
  • A communication and dissemination plan for information and education the target groups.

Total cost: 1 347 592 EUR

Coordinator: DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany


  • DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany
  • V – Energetická Agentura Vysociny, z. s. p. o., Czech Republic
  • Vysoka skola chemicko-technologicka v Praze, Czech Republic
  • Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V., Germany
  • Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V., Germany
  • Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece
  • Energiagazdálkodási Tudományos Egyesület, Hungary
  • Miskolci Egyetem, Hungary
  • Gruppo Impresa Finance s.r.l., Italy
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
  • BTG biomass technology group BV, Netherlands
  • Energy Experts International B.V., Netherlands
  • Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, Netherlands
  • Instytut Nafty I Gazu, Poland
  • Malopolska Agencja Energii l Srodowiska Sp. Z o o, Poland

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Aurimas Lisauskas 103-LK +37037401932