Triboscience and Tribotechnology: Superior Friction and Wear Control in Engines and Transmissions (COST 532)

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22.03.2002 - 21.03.2007
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The Action generated new scientific knowledge about the fundamental physical, chemical and mechanical phenomena governing friction, wear and lubrication. This knowledge was used to develop novel low friction, wear control and environmentally adaptable lubrication solutions to solve the functionality of future engines and transmissions such as engines working with hydrogen fuels, micro-lubricated and dry lubricant free transmission applications.

The benefit of the Action is that the engine and transmission producing industry in Europe, that is especially the automotive industry, but also other sectors such as ship and rail industry, power plants and automated production, will be better prepared to meet the new challenges presented by changes taking place in our society and will be competitive on a global scale in the future.

That can give European industry a leading role when developing more sustainable solutions in transportation and industrial production.

LEI activities in the Project

The scientific aim of the project is development of relationship between atmospheric and reduced pressure plasma process, nitrided surface structure and their tribological properties.
• Studying the influence of plasma nitriding parameters (pressure, nitrogen gas ratio, temperature, etc.) on nitride layers structure by X-ray diffraction, SEM and optical microscopy;
• Evaluation of nitrided layers properties in dependence on their microstructure;
• Optimization of plasma working parameters and plasma torch design for steel alloys surface modification.

Total cost: 331 410 EUR

Coordinator: Prof Kenneth HOLMBERG (VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland)


  • Belgium, Mr. Jan MENEVE<
  • Belgium, Professor Jean-Pierre CELIS
  • Bulgaria, Dr. Mara KANDEVA
  • Bulgaria, Professor Stoyl STOYLOV
  • Croatia, Professor Vinko IVUSIC
  • Czech Republic, Professor Jan SUCHANEK
  • Denmark, Professor Niels BJERRUM
  • Finland, Professor Arto LEHTOVAARA
  • France, Professor Jean FRêNE
  • Germany, Dr. Klaus MICHAELIS
  • Greece, Dr. C.a. CHARITIDIS
  • Hungary, Dr. Andras KOVACS
  • Hungary, Professor P.B. BARNA
  • Ireland, Dr. Leo SEXTON
  • Ireland, Dr. David KENNEDY
  • Israel, Professor Lev RAPOPORT
  • Israel, Professor Izhak ETSION
  • Italy, Dr. Alberto Maria MERLO
  • Italy, Professor Enrico CIULLI
  • Lithuania, Dr. Pranas VALATKEVICIUS
  • Lithuania, Mr. Liutauras MARCINAUSKAS
  • Malta, Professor Maurice GRECH
  • Netherlands, Dr. Emile VAN DER HEIDE
  • Netherlands, Professor D.j. SCHIPPER
  • Norway, Professor Kristian TøNDER
  • Poland, Professor Marian SZCZEREK
  • Portugal, Professor Luis ANDRADE FERREIRA
  • Portugal, Dr. Joao Paulo DIAS
  • Romania, Professor Andrei DEVENYI
  • Romania, Dr. Dominic BIRO
  • Serbia, Mrs. Danica JOSIFOVIC zokeruza@ptt.yu
  • Serbia, Mrs. Zorica VUKADINOVIC zokeruza@ptt.yu
  • Slovak Republic, Professor Eva ZDRAVECKA
  • Slovenia, Professor Jože VIžINTIN
  • Spain, Dr. Amaya IGARTUA
  • Spain, Professor Cristina GOMEZ
  • Sweden, Professor Erik HøGLUND
  • Sweden, Professor Sture HOGMARK
  • Switzerland, Dr. Imad AHMED
  • Switzerland, Professor Lukas ROHR
  • United Kingdom, Dr. Martin PRIEST


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Pranas Valatkevičius

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