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Description Industrial production is responsible for roughly 30% of global energy use, with Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) representing the largest share (54% of OECD’s total indMore


Description Recent experiments with high-intensity lasers have shown record production of alpha particles by irradiating boron-hydrogen targets. This opens the way to completely new More

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12.05.2023 - 03.10.2027

Particle-based simulations model diverse materials including sand, food grains, pharmaceutical products, ceramic powders and bulk materials, amongst others. Discrete Element Method (DMore


TrANsMIT proposes a COST Action on the techno-economic analysis (TEA) of the overall, integrated CO2 Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) value chain. It aims to bring together acMore


Hydropower (HP) played an essential role in Europe over decades, providing a unique combination of safe, low-cost, and clean electricity production. It is still one of the largest renMore


By 2030, the bio-based economy is expected to have grown significantly in Europe. One of the pillars of this bioeconomy is the concept of BIOREFINERY, the sustainable processing of seMore


Many complex process-based models are available in Europe to project future climate impacts. Yet, the current climate impact research community is fragmented, modeling mostly individuMore


Europe is set to be a global role model in energy transition. It has made significant progress in building level innovations and is now stepping up efforts towards city-wide transformMore


The atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) is the layer closest to the Earth’s surface within which most human activities take place. The vertical profile of atmospheric thermodynamic paramMore


Conscious experience is central to our existence, and although important advances have been made in our scientific understanding of the phenomenon, radically different theories are stMore


The pressure of climate change and the growing energy demand has increased interest in marine renewable energy resources, such as wave energy which can be harvested through Wave EnergMore


Energy poverty (EP) - commonly understood as a household’s inability to secure socially- and materially-necessitated levels of energy services in the home - is prevalent across EuropeMore


SMIRES is a COST Action funded by the European Union to generate networking, capacity building and knowledge synthesis in science and management of intermittent rivers and ephemeral sMore

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The increased need for renewable energy sources has led to expansion of shallow geothermal applications for heating and/or cooling of buildings. The integration of heat exchangers in More

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​SMARTCATS COST Action aims to set-up a Europe-wide network of leading academic and research institutions and key industries to promote the use of smart energy carriers on a large scaMore

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Flowing matter lies at the crossroads between industrial processes, fundamental physics, engineering and Earth Sciences. Depending on the microscopic interactions, an assembly of moleMore

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The Action aims to merge the efforts of the European research groups working on the Wind Energy Technology and the pathways to introduce it by means of robust applications to the urbaMore

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Plasmas generated in liquids and gas discharges interacting with liquids are today hot topic greatly interesting plasma physicists and plasma chemists due to the broad field of potentMore

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Bubbles and drops are entities of enormous practical interest since their interfaces are met in numerous industrial processes and applications of every day life. In order to enhance eMore

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This Action deals with the future of energy storage and aims to set up a competitive and coordinated network capable to define new and unexplored ways for Solid State Hydrogen StorageMore

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The main objective of the Action is to develop cleaner and more efficient combustion processes through the design and implementation of better defined and more accurate detailed chemiMore

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The main objective of the Action is to generate a synergistic approach for utilisation of biomass for sustainable fuels & chemicals through cooperation between scientists from difMore


In 2009-2014, representatives of various scientific and research institutions from 25 European countries, including scientists from Hydrology laboratory at Lithuanian Energy InstituteMore

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The main objective of the Action is to support the fundamental research on the statistical properties of particles transported by turbulent flows. Coordinator: Eindhoven UniversityMore

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COST Action MP0701 is concerned with polymers, which are reinforced with nano particles. Polymer Nanocomposites are blends of different polymer matrices with nanometre sized functionaMore

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The main objective of the Action is to increase our knowledge and understanding of the properties of oxide surfaces and interfaces at an atomistic level and to develop the means of prMore

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Efficient energy storage systems are essential in order to increase energy efficiency, improve economic efficiency and reduce environmental impact of mobile and stationary equipment, More

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The main objective of the Action is to develop an innovative 'integrated toolbox' of predictive methods/models and targeted invasive and non-invasive measurement techniques, improvingMore

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The main objective of the Action is to develop materials for improved wear resistance of artificial joints and novel low wearing designs. For this purpose, the biotribology of materiaMore

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The Action generated new scientific knowledge about the fundamental physical, chemical and mechanical phenomena governing friction, wear and lubrication. This knowledge was used to deMore

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The Action aimed to increase the knowledge of environmental impacts of manufacturing processes in order to develop and implement environmentally conscious processes, reduce environmenMore

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The Action studied the plasma polymerisation process in relation to the desired physical and chemical properties of resulting plasma polymers with special regard to the understanding More

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The main objective of the COST Action 525 was to understand the role played by grain boundaries in controlling the manufacture, microstructure and properties of electronic ceramics. CMore

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The main objective of the COST Action 523 was the development of nanostructured materials with new and unique structural and functional properties in European industries, combined witMore