Double Langmuir probe and analysis equipment

Equipment model
ALP Atmospherix
Made in
Use for
  • The probe is used for diagnostics of  non-equilibruim or equilibrium plasmas, temperature and concentration measurement of electrons, ions and radicals.
  • It is necessary in development of renewable energy sources, production of new materials for mechatronics and nanostructural catalysts.
Technical parameters
  • Double, water cooled probe.
  • The voltage of the probe up to 120 V;
  • The electric current 10-4 mA – 15 mA;
  • The density of electrons in plasma: 1014 m-3 – 1018 m-3;
  • Measuring of plasma temperature up to 5000 K,
  • Probe tip inner diameter 2,5 mm, external diameter 10 mm.
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