High-speed video camera with a laser light source

Equipment model
Litron Nano S 65 - 15 PIV
Dantec Dynamics
Use for
  • Studies on fluid and gas dynamics at low speeds near the surface of the membrane and various trace elements, surface fouling;
  • Studies on processes of momentum and mass transfer in capillary systems.
Technical parameters
  • Nd:YAG laser with 2 oscillator, a pulse energy of ≥65mJ, wavelength 532 nm and repeating frequency to 15 Hz;
  • PIV microscope with a magnification range from 5 to 63 times with optics;
  • Video Camera CCD (till 14 to18 bit) with dual video equipment cross-correlation, time resolution 200 ns, with which one can extract 10 PIV maps per second;
  • FlowSense EO VGA 260 frames/s at full resoliution, interframe time 200 ns.
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