Metal analyzer Brucker Q4 Tasman

Equipment model
Q4 Tasman
Made in
Use for
  • Metal analyzer – optical emission spectrometer is aimed at determination of elemental composition of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • The instrument can analyze chemical composition of the given samples and can be used  for identification of alloys.
Technical parameters
  • Optical emission spectrometer Brucker Q4 Tasman.
  • Available software and standardization samples allows analysis of  Fe base alloys (low alloy steel, Cr/Ni steel, Cr hard cast iron, Stainless steel, tool steel, Mn steel, cast iron) aluminium alloys (low alloy, Al-Si alloys, Al –Cu, Al-Zn, Al-Mg alloys), copper alloys (pure Cu, Cu/Zn, Cu/Zn/Ni, Cu/Ni, Cu/Sn/Pb, Cu/Al, Cu/Be/Co/Ag alloys and other bronze) co-axial argon flow enables analysis of small specimens, wire and sheet wavelength range  starting from 130 nm allows  determination of light elements, as nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen.
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