Portable combustion products (NO/NO2, CO, CO2, SO2, H2O, CiHj, O2) analyser

Equipment model
Gasmet DX-4000, Portable FTIR, JUM 3-200 Portable
Made in
Use for
  • Studies of combustion of solid and liquid biofuels and recovered fuels.
  • Combustion analysis of heating equipment (boilers, fireplaces, etc.) fired with solid and liquid fuel at operation site.
  • Tests of thermal equipment (boilers, fireplaces, etc..) at the equipment installation site.
Technical parameters
  • NO/NO2, CO, CO2, SO2, H2O, CiHj, O2 gaseous components of the continuous measurement.
  • Changed (user selectable) measurement ranges:
    NO – to ≥5000ppm
    NO2 – to ≥500 ppm
    CO – to ≥50000 ppm
    CO2 – to 25%
    SO2 – to ≥3000 ppm
    H2O – to ≥10%
    02 – to 21%
  • 5 changed CiHj (user selectable) measurement ranges 0-10/ 0-100/ 0-1000/ 0-10000/ 0-100000 ppm.
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