Raman scattering spectrometer

Equipment model
Acton SP-2556 Spectrograph, ProEM:512B EMCCD, CoboltSamba™ 532nm DPSS 500mW, Cobolt Samba™ 532nm CW DSS 500mW laser
Made in
USA, Sweden
Use for

Dynamic registration of Raman scattering spectra in the liquid or gas flow (measurement of material concentration profiles).

Technical parameters
  • Imaging spectrograph (wavelength accuracy 0.2 nm and repeatability 0.05 nm);
  • Multi-channel EMCCD detector (quantum efficiency> 90%, noise ≤12 e-);
  • Single-mode DPSS laser (532nm, 500mW, M2 ≤ 1.1, noise <0.25%, spectral line width <0.01pm) with set of optical elements.
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