Test equipment for electrochemical studies of metals

Equipment model
Metrohm Autolab 302N
Made in
Use for

Multi-purpose instrument for investigation of potenciostatic/galvanostatic, potentiodynamic/ galvanodynamic processes, elektrochemical impedance, corrosion processes, corrosion kinetics, inhibitors and protective coatings, polarisation processes, electrode kinetics, etc.

Technical parameters
  • Impedance measurements;
  • Current booster up to  ± 10 A;
  • Current range from 1 A to 10 nA;
  • Potential range +/- 10V;
  • Current resolution≤ 0,0003 %;
  • Potential resolution≤ 0,3 µV;
  • Input impedance≥1 TΏ;
  • Potentiostat bandwidth – 1 MHz.
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