Universal hardness testing system

Equipment model
UH 250; Tukon 2500
Made in
Germany, USA
Use for
  • Universal hardness testing system for micro- and macro- hardness testing.
  • Testing of steel, non-ferrous metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, evaluation of thermal treatment, phase and structural property changes.
  • The instrument can be used for characterization of thermal treatment effects, surface layer hardness, depth of carburization, weld joints, etc.
  • Use of dedicated software  allows automation of measurements and data analysis for more reliable results.
Technical parameters
  • Universal hardness testing system consists of UH 250 universal hardness tester and Tukon 2500 microhardness tester.
  • Available hardness measurements:
    • 10 g.  – 1 kg load range – Vickers hardness,
    • 1 kg – 250 kg load range – Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness measurements.
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