Wind and other atmospheric physical parameters’ measurement equipment

LSI Lastem
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Measurements of wind speed, direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity.

Technical parameters
  • Wind speed measurement range: 0-75 m/s, accuracy up to ±2%, operating temperatures from -30ºC iki +40ºC.
  • Wind direction measurement range: 0-360ºC, resolution 0,4º.
  • Atmospheric pressure measurement range 800-1100 hPa, accuracy up to ±2%.
  • Air temperature measurement range from -30ºC to +70ºC, accuracy ±0,1 ºC.
  • Air humidity measurement range 0-100%, accuracy up to ±2%.
  • Data readings in intervals from 1 s to 60 min., data averaging and transfer through GSM lines.
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