Benas Jokšas

Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)
Junior Researcher
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The person is no longer employed at the Institute


Scientific article


Marčiukaitis M. [LEI], Žutautaitė I. [LEI], Martišauskas L. [LEI], Jokšas B. [LEI], Gecevičius G. [LEI], Stetsos A.. Non-linear regression model for wind turbine power curve In: Renewable Energy. 2017, Vol. 113, p. 732-741. ISSN 0960-1481.


Augutis J. [LEI], Jokšas B. [LEI], Krikštolaitis R. [LEI], Urbonas R. [LEI]. The assessment technology of energy critical infrastructure In: Applied energy. Didžioji Britanija: Elsevier, 2016, Vol. 162, p. 1494-1504. ISSN 0306-2619.


Augutis J. [LEI], Jokšas B. [LEI], Ušpuras E. [LEI], Urbonas R. [LEI]. The aggregate energy sector criticality risk assessment In: Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association. Poland, Wroclaw: 2015, Vol. 6, No. 3, p. 61-69. ISSN 2084-5316.


Augutis J. [LEI], Jokšas B. [LEI], Krikštolaitis R. [LEI], Žutautaitė I. [LEI]. Technological and economic development of economy Vilnius, London: Taylor and Francis, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 312-331. ISSN 2029-4913.

Conference paper


Jokšas B. [LEI], Žutautaitė I. [LEI], Augutis J. [LEI], Rekašius T.. Dependence of the gas supply system criticality indicator(s) on the system elements’ reliability In: Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications – Proceedings of the European safety and reliability conference ESREL 2014 September 14-18 Wroclaw, Poland. London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2015, p. 181-188. ISBN 978-1-138-02681-0.
Augutis J. [LEI], Jokšas B. [LEI], Ušpuras E. [LEI], Urbonas R. [LEI]. The aggregate energy sector criticality risk assessment In: Proceedings of the 48th ESReDA Seminar Critical Infrastructures Preparedness: Status of Data for Resilience Modelling, Simulation and Analysis. Wroclaw, Poland: 2015, p. 1-12..

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Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


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