Ernest Bykov

Laboratory of Combustion Processes (13)
PhD Student + Junior Researcher
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Scientific article


Bykov E. [LEI], Jančauskas A. [LEI], Paulauskas K. [LEI], Zakarauskas K. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI]. Plasma assisted combustion of different biogas mixtures in low swirl burner In: Fuel. London: Elsevier, 2024, Vol. 368, 131602, p. 1-10. ISSN 0016-2361.


Paulauskas R. [LEI], Bykov E. [LEI], Zakarauskas K. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Skvorčinskienė R. [LEI]. Effects of Plasma-Produced Ozone on Flame Chemiluminescence and Pollutant Emissions of Biogas with Different CO2 Content In: Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing . New York: Springer, 2023, Vol. 43, p. 831-847. ISSN 0272-4324, eISSN 1572-8986.


Bykov E. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI]. Emission Spectroscopy of CH4/CO2 Mixtures Processed in a Non-Thermal Plasma Augmented Burner In: Catalysts. Basel: MDPI, 2022, Vol. 12, Iss. 12, 1540, p. 1-16. Scopus. ISSN 2073-4344.

Conference paper


Bykov E. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI], Jančauskas A. [LEI], Ambrazevičius I. [LEI]. Study on spectral characteristics from plasma-assisted flames of ammonia-biogas mixtures with different NH3 content In: LOW -Carbon Combustion 3rd Edition, 25-26 April 2024, Nancy, France. Nancy: LRGP CNRS-University of Lorraine, and the French and British sections of the Combustion Institute, 2024, p. 66-66..


Jančauskas A. [LEI], Bykov E. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI]. Valorisation of ultra-low calorific value biogas using plasma-assisted combustion In: International Sustainable Resource Recovery Strategies Towards Zero Waste (FULLRECO4US) Conference. Istanbul: COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), 2023, p. 62-62..
Bykov E. [LEI], Jančauskas A. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI]. Gliding arc/DBD type of plasma assisted combustion of low-calorific value gas in low swirl burner for combustion efficiency In: Book of Abstracts International Conference on Research and Applications of Plasmas - PLASMA 2023”. Warsaw: IFPILM, 2023, p. 98-99..
Bykov E. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Buidovas P. [LEI]. Influence of the plasma assistance on chemiluminescence from flames of artificial biogas mixture In: CYSENI 2023: 19th International Conference of Young scientists on energy and natural sciences issues 23-26 May 2023, Kaunas, Lithuania. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2023, p. 46-46. ISSN 2783-6339.


Bykov E. [LEI], Paulauskas R., Striūgas N. [LEI]. Emission spectroscopy of various composition biogases treated in a non-thermal plasma reactor In: Book of abstracts 17th Conference on sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems November 6-10 2022 Paphos, Cyprus. Zagreb: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 2022, p. 265-265. ISSN 2706-3690.
Bykov E. [LEI], Paulauskas R. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI]. Plasma applied burners for combusting low calorific value gases In: CYSENI 2022: 18th international conference of young scientists on energy and natural sciences issues, 24-27 May 2022, Kaunas, Lithuania. Kaunas: Lithuanian Energy Institute, 2022, p. 302-309. ISSN 2783-6339.

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