International projects

Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)

01.04.2003 - 01.06.2004

The OPET CHP/DH project was carried out as a part of the OPET network (Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies). The general objectives of the network are knowledge traMore


The work programme of OPET BUILDING aims at: 1. Increasing the level of information and know-how at the relevant players that influence the efficient national and regional implementaMore


The project was directed to comparative analysis of many indicators in energy-economy field and energy policy instruments in Central and East European countries former candidate to joMore


The measures in this project allow the "Centre for Thermochemical Conversion of Solid Fuels" to strengthen its position on the European level, integrating its activities in the EuropeMore


The primary objective of the SAFIRE LP project is to develop a new version of the key E3 (economy-environment-energy) SAFIRE model. This model will be dedicated for use as a local susMore


This proposal for a Thematic Network responds to the Growth-Dedicated Call - 10/00 - Topic IV: Implementation of measuring instruments directives according to the New Approach. The tyMore


Standards are seen as a major measure to develop the markets for solid bio fuels to achieve the environmental, social and agricultural goals of the Commission. On this background the More


To reach the goals set by the "White Paper" and the "Kyoto Protocol" bio energy RTD will have to be enhanced significantly. The introduction of the European Research Area (ERA) will sMore


OPET is the Network of Organization for the Promotion of Energy Technologies in European Union and other countries with focus on the development of a market for non-nuclear energy tecMore


Objectives of the Forum of the European Network for Energy Economics Research ENER are: 1. To bring to debate latest research results based on both qualitative and relationship of enMore


Project context – there are major differences in standards and technologies in the buildings sector in the EC Newly Associated countries. In each country the requirements, legislationMore