Solutions for biomass fuel market barriers and raw material availability (EUBIONET III)

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09.2008 - 08.2011
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EUBIONET III boosted sustainable, transparent international biomass fuel trade, secured the most cost efficient and value-adding use of biomass for energy and industry and identified yet unexploited biomass sources. The estimated annual techno-economical biomass potential is 157 Mtoe, of which 48% is currently utilised. Greatest potential for increased use lies on forest residues and herbaceous biomass. New industry sectors for increased biomass use were identified. Trade barriers have been evaluated and some solutions developed: the project has contributed to the development of Combined Nomenclature codes for wood pellets, of price indexes for industrial wood pellets and wood chips and of the CEN standards for solid biofuels. Wood fuel price mechanisms were analysed, national/international sustainability criteria for biomass were evaluated, “new” unexploited agro-industrial biomass sources were identified and case studies of biomass heating substituting fossil fuels and a biomass boilers producers’ catalogue were prepared. An analysis of competition and price situation of woody biomass use in forest industry and energy sector was carried out.

Total cost: 1 822 119 EUR (LEI part: 80 000 EUR)

Coordinator: Eija Alakangas, Kati Veijonen, VTT, (Finland)


  • Danish Technological Institute, DTI, Denmark
  • Energy Center Bratislava, ECB, Slovakia
  • Ekodoma, Latvia
  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V., FNR, Germany
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden
  • Brno University of Technology, UPEI VUT, Czech Republic
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMB, Norway
  • Center wallon de recherches agronomiques, CRA-W, Belgium
  • BLT-HBLuFA Francisco Josephinum, FJ-BLT, Austria
  • European Biomass Association, AEBIOM, Belgium
  • Center for Renewable Energy Sources, CRES, Greece
  • Utrecht University, U.U., The Netherlands
  • University of Florence, UNIFI, Italy
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute, LEI, Lithuania
  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine – Bioenergy group, ICSTM, Great Britain
  • Centro da Biomassa para a Energia, CBE, Portugal
  • Energy Restructuring Agency, ApE, Slovenia
  • Andalusian Energy Agency, UAE, Spain



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Regina Erlickytė-Marčiukaitienė 212-LK +37037401850