Characterisation of W-Coatings for Fusion Applications (FUSION programa)

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01.01.2006 - 01.06.2008
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Main problem – is to understand physical phenomena of mechanical properties of W and to reduce the impurities in the main chamber:

  • Mechanism of restructuring and surface relocations under high-flux irradiation at elevated temperatures.
  • Material erosion by continuous or transient plasma ion and neutral impact, the subsequent transport of the released impurities through by the plasma and their deposition and/or eventual re-erosion constitute the process of migration.
  • Due to erosion mechanism and re-deposition materials will interact on plasma facing surfaces.

The goal of the research is the fabrication of W films to be used in plasma-facing components in fusion devices, and the understanding of the mechanism of physical phenomena initiating modifications of mechanical properties of W-based thin films on carbon based substrates under high-flux, low-energy H+ ions irradiation in the range of temperatures up to 1000°C.

Descriptions of work:

  • Fabrication of W coatings by magnetron sputter deposition;
  • Structural and compositional investigation of W coatings;
  • Plasma/ion beam H exposure of W coatings;
  • Studies of W coatings properties after hydrogen ion irradiation;
  • Modeling of the surface restructuring and re-deposition effects in W film under high-flux, high-fluence, low-energy hydrogen ion irradiation.

Expected results:

  • To form dense nanocrystallline thin W films (optimization of film deposition parameters for thickness and homogenity of W films);
  • To investigate structure and composition of W coatings;
  • To commit irradiation experiments;
  • To model surface redoposition and reconstruction effects on composition and structure of W films initiated H irradiation.

Coordinator: Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)


  • Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)
  • Vytautas Magnus University (VMU)

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Liudas Pranevičius

Project Team
Darius Milčius 304-LK +37037401909
Stasė-Irena Lukošiūtė
Arūnas Baltušnikas 136-LK +37037401906
Birutė Bobrovaitė
Irmantas Barnackas
Violeta Melinienė 303-LK +37037401991
Jūratė Klimaitienė 305-LK +37037401905
Vilija Grigalevičienė 136-LK +37037401906
Virginijus Kazlauskas 029-LK +37037401915