Support to the Regulatory Body of Iraq on Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in Iraq (IQ3.01/14)

Project programme
02.2016 - 12.2019
Project status
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The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capabilities of the Iraqi Regulatory Body in the field of radioactive waste management, predisposal and disposal of radioactive waste; decommissioning, including clearance and site release and remediation of contaminated sites.

The specific objectives include the following:

  • Support to the development of a regulatory guidance on:
    • decommissioning of nuclear and other facilities using radioactive material;
    • clearance of material from regulatory control and release of site for unconditional and conditional use;
    • safe management of radioactive waste prior, during and after disposal; and
    • remediation of facilities and sites from past practices.
  • Support to the licensing of the new near-surface radioactive waste disposal facility;
  • Support to the inspection of radioactive waste disposal facilities;

Building capacity of the Regulatory Body staff in the field of waste management, decommissioning and remediation.

LEI activities in the Project

Laboratory researchers participate in all the above stated tasks.
In 2016 the laboratory researchers review valid Iraq national legislation and provide comparison with international standards and best EC practice in the field of radioactive waste management and nuclear facilities safety assessment.
During 2017 the laboratory researchers develop three safety guides related to radioactive waste disposal and storage facilities safety assessment and decommissioning safety assessment. Laboratory researchers develop training materials and provide trainings related to radioactive waste disposal and storage facilities safety assessment.
In 2018 the trainings for Contractor’s personnel on the assessment of radioactive waste storages and disposal facilities safety were continued, the activities in accordance with the task. The work under Task 3 – Assessment of the newly future constructed radioactive waste repository disposal facility safety report, were launched in 2018 and progressed in 2019. The laboratory researchers got acquainted with the primary version of preliminary safety assessment report on the future constructed in Iraq radioactive waste repository disposal facility and prepared remarks first comments for several report’s sections.

Total cost of the Project: 1 431 040 EUR (LEI part: 162 400 EUR)


  • ANDRA (France)
  • SUJB (Czech Republic)

Project Team

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LEI Representative
Egidijus Babilas 105-AK +37037401914

Project Team
Eugenijus Ušpuras
Sigitas Rimkevičius 204-AK +37037401924
Mindaugas Vaišnoras 414-AK +37037401954
Raimondas Pabarčius 424-AK +37037401919
Aurimas Tonkūnas
Marija Tamoševičiūtė 319-AK +37037401927