Atomic force microscope

Equipment model
NT - 206
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Atomic force microscopy is versatile and powerful microscopy technology for studying samples at nanoscale with high resolution. AFM also are designed to measure local properties, such as height, friction, magnetism, with a probe.

Technical parameters
  • Operation modes:
    • Static,
    • Dynamic,
    • Static/Dynamic force spectroscopy.
  • Maximum scanning area 20×20 μm;
  • Scanning matrix size up to 1024*1024 points and more;
  • Scan rate in X–Y plane: 10 μm/s;
  • Detection system: Laser beam, four-quadrant position sensitive photodetector;
  • Scanning scheme: The sample is moved in X-Y plane (horizontal) and in Z-direction (vertical) under stationary probe;
  • A software nonlinearity correction provided;
  • Maximum size of a researched sample 30×30×8 mm (width–depth–height);
  • Range of measuring head motorized movement 10*10 mm in XY-plane.
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