Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (18)

Laboratory Chief
Darius Milčius

Tel: +370-37-401909
Fax: 8-37-351271

Breslaujos g. 3, LT-44403 Kaunas

Info brochure (English)
Info brochure (Lithuanian)

Vandenilio energetikos technologijų centras


  • research in the field of hydrogen energy technologies
  • synthesis of hydrogen separation membranes and analysis of their properties;
  • hydrogen production using water reactions with metals and nanoparticles of their alloys
  • synthesis of metals and their alloy hydrides designed for hydrogen storage; analysis of their properties;
  • synthesis of hydrogen fuel cell elements (anodes / electrolytes / cathodes) applying physical vapour deposition methods;
  • analysis of NiMH battery electrode material properties.

Services provided


Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies provides comprehensive sample analysis and structural characterisation services.

  • Sample topology (SEM, optical microscopy, AFM and stylus profilometry).
  • Crystal structure analysis at room and elevated temperatures (in-situ XRD in vacuum or selected gas environment with temperatures up to 1500 °C).
  • Elemental and chemical composition analysis starting from the very top surface atomic monolayers (AES, XPS), through micrometre (EDS) and up to millimetre scale (GDS).
  • More specialised characterisation such as ionic-electronic conductivity, gas sorption kinetics and thermodynamics, precise N2, O2 and H2 amount measurements in metals, surface (micro)hardness and others.

Thin film synthesis

  • Films of various metals, semi­conductors, oxides, hydrides and other materials can be made by 3” and 4” magnetrons as well as E-beam evaporation processes in inert and reactive gas atmospheres.
  • RF, DC and pulsed-DC power sources are available.

Plasma processing

  • Low temperature plasma processing of metals, polymers, organic and other substances can be realised in one of the several vacuum chambers.

More detailed descrition of applied research

Material synthesis

The researchers of LEI CHET have comprehensive experience in usage of physical technologies (magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation, PIII and other plasma based processes) for the synthesis of thin films and modification of surface properties.

During various international and national projects we have synthesised materials for the needs of various energy sectors (in particular hydrogen energy) and other applications. For instance, we have produced functional elements for the gas separation (hydrogen purification) membranes, solid state electrolytes and electrodes for high and medium temperature fuel cells.

Material Synthesis
Material synthesis

Studies of the Mg based thin film hydrides

Investigation of thin films of Mg2NiH4 hydride has showed that the hydride displays different physical and thermo-dynamical properties in comparison to the corresponding powder samples. Many attempts have been undertaken to understand the dominant hydride synthesis mechanism by modifying the surface properties, reducing the particle size, controlling the surface oxidation or using additives. However, in our recent study we were able to experimentally demonstrate that different interface zone between substrate and film has significant effect on both film crystallinity and its reaction with hydrogen.
It was demonstrated that properties of the substrate-film interface zone can be changed either by using different substrate material or by using different substrate pre-treatment (for instance substrate pre-treatment with varying plasma conditions).

Mg-Ni thin films
Mg-Ni thin films

Hydrogen production using direct reaction between activated aluminum and water

Scientists at Lithuanian Energy Institute’s Centre for Hydrogen Energy technologies have developed a method of hydrogen production from water, using reaction between plasma activated Al and Mg metals (or their alloys) and water. The technology is patented WO2013151408. For instance, aluminum powder is activated under the low-temperature plasma treatment and immersed into the water.

Reaction of activated aluminum with water yields about 1200 ml of hydrogen per gram of aluminum powder which can be supplied to the proton exchange membrane fuel cell generating about 1 Wh of electricity. In addition, obtained reaction by-product is suitable for the synthesis of the secondary pure product of gama-Al2O3 which can be used in the production of catalysts.

plasma activated aluminum reaction with water
Plasma activated aluminum reaction with water

Functional coatings for polymers

A technology of oxide based functional thin films deposition on polystyrene grains and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam sheet surfaces was developed at LEI CHET. Specific coatings can be used as antibacterial or antifungal layers, fire retardants, etc.

Investigation of antifungal properties of coated polystyrene
Investigation of antifungal properties of coated polystyrene

Nanoflake synthesis and testing

Using magnetron sputtering technique a special method of oxide and metal based nanocrystalline particles formation on soluble substrates we developed at CHET. After substrate dissolving and purification steps unique nanoflakes are observed.

SEM analysis of nanoflakes
SEM analysis of nanoflakes

Centre facilities


  • Magnetron sputtering and E-beam physical vapour deposition systems (Kurt.J.Lesker PVD-75)
  • Planetary ball mill (Fritsch Pulverisette 6)


  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (PHI 5000 VersaProbe);
  • Auger Electron Spectrometer (PHI 700Xi);
  • X-ray diffractometer (Bruker D8) with environmental chamber for in-situ heating XRD;
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (Hitachi S-3400N);
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer (Bruker Quad 5040);
  • Fully automated Sievert type instrument (Hy-Energy PCTPro-2000);
  • Ionic-electric conductivity (impedance) tester (NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS Probostat);
  • Glow discharge optical emission spectrometer (SPECTRUMA GDA 750);
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen quantity analyser (HORIBA EMGA-830);
  • Dynamic Ultra-Hardness Tester (Shimadzu DUH-211S);
  • Atomic Force Microscope (Microtestmachines NT-206);
  • Double-beam spectrophotometer (JASCO V-656);
  • Other supplementary equipment.

Pictures of equipment employed  by the LEI Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies



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The aim of the project "Solar PV on the Distribution Grid: Smart Integrated Solutions of Distributed Generation based on Solar PV, Energy Storage Devices and Active Demand Management"More

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)


NESSHY is the only running FP6 IP dedicated to medium to long term R&D on hydrogen storage in solids. It is widely recognised that H2 storage is one of the major technical barrierMore


Main problem - is to understand physical phenomena of mechanical properties of W and to reduce the impurities in the main chamber: Mechanism of restructuring and surface relocatiMore


The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the participation of the Associated Candidate Countries (ACC) in Priority 6.1 of the 6th Framework Programme and a good start in More


HYTRAIN is a Marie Curie Research Training Network, funded under the EC’s 6th Framework Human Resources and Mobility Programme. The network comprises 18 of the leading European researMore


In this proposal, an outline for NENNET, a high quality research network bundling competences in materials sciences, nano-applications and self formation in Lithuania is given. LithuaMore


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This Action deals with the future of energy storage and aims to set up a competitive and coordinated network capable to define new and unexplored ways for Solid State Hydrogen StorageMore

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Efficient energy storage systems are essential in order to increase energy efficiency, improve economic efficiency and reduce environmental impact of mobile and stationary equipment, More

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Lietuvos energetikos institutas įgyvendina projektą „Regimojoje šviesoje fotokatalitiškai aktyvių TiO2 ir ZnO taikymo biologiškai užteršto vandens dezinfekcijai tyrimas“ Nr. 09.3.3-LMMore

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Lietuvos energetikos institutas įgyvendina projektą „Inovatyvios biometano gamybos technologijos sukūrimas taikant katalitinės termocheminės konversijos metodą“ Nr. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-0More


Name, surname Position Office phone. e-mail
Darius Milčius Head (Chief research associate) 304-LK +37037401909
Vygintas Grinis Innovation Specialist 301-LK +37037401824
Jūratė Klimaitienė Engineer 305-LK +37037401905
Martynas Lelis Chief research associate 308-LK +37037401904
Violeta Melinienė Engineer 303-LK +37037401991
Albinas Svirskis Technician 310-LK
Simona Tučkutė Senior Research Associate 306-LK +37037401916
Marius Urbonavičius Senior research associate 301-LK +37037401824
Šarūnas Varnagiris Senior research associate 301-LK +37037401824


Measurement of elemental composition (and partially chemical information) of nano-level sample surfaces and nano-level derivatives
Particularly precise (6 nm spatial resolution, 2-3 atomic monolayers volume (depth) resolution) identification of surface and volumetric (up to 1-2 μm depth) derivatives, determination of elemental composition, obtainment of chemical (bond) information. Problems and limitations can be found when testing dielectric specimens in particular.
Measurement of elemental composition and chemical information of micro-level sample surface and nano-level derivatives
Particularly precise (6 nm spatial resolution, 2-3 atomic monolayers volume (depth) resolution) identification of surface and volumetric (up to 1-2 μm depth) derivatives, determination of elemental composition, obtainment of chemical (bond) information. Problems and limitations can be found when testing dielectric specimens in particular.
Quick, low-localization qualitative / quantitative analysis of elemental composition (including profiling) of solids (metals, their alloys and semiconductors) with a glow discharge optical emission spectrometer
Quick, low-precision (spatial accuracy about 2-4 millimeters, profiling depth precision tens-hundreds nanometers) qualitative and quantitative elemental composition analysis. Ability to perform depth profiling, composition control and comparison between surface and deeper layers.
Precise determination of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen content in various metals, their alloys and other materials by melting in inert gas environment
Using inert gas fusion principle we carry out an accurate analysis of even very small amounts of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen in various materials. Measurements require up to 1-2g of the test substance that is melted at high temperature during the analysis and the amount of gas released is measured.
Optical bandwidth analysis of materials using a broad spectrum optical spectrophotometer
Qualitative and quantitative measurements of optical bandwidth in the spectral range of 163-1100 nm.
Sample Analysis by Variable Pressure Scanning Electronic Microscope (Variable Pressure SEM)
Variable pressure scanning electron microscope can be used to analyze both conductive and dielectric samples. It is also possible to analyze biological objects with certain limitations. SEM resolution at 30 kV accelerating voltage is 3 nm, while at 3 kV accelerating voltage, 8-10 nm resolution is achieved. We can create images with both secondary and reflective electron detectors, so there is a possibility to separately highlight the unevenness of sample morphology, elemental composition, and extract detailed pseudo 3D images.
Fast Medium Precision Chemical Composition Study Using EDS Microanalysis System
Quantitative and qualitative determination of the elemental composition of the sample by detecting chemical elements from Boro5 to Americio95 at the selected point (spatial resolution 1-2 μm, depending on the measurement conditions, information is obtained from 0.5-2 μm depth). It is also possible to map the distribution of individual chemical elements in the sample area.
Non-destructive analysis of crystalline structure of all types of materials, powder and thin coating specimens by X-ray diffractometer
All crystalline phases in the sample can be determined by one measurement. There are also extended possibilities for diffraction measurements at the same time controlling the ambient temperature (from liquid nitrogen to 1600 oC) and the surrounding environment (high vacuum can be used or the desired amount of gas (suitable for many gases) up to a maximum pressure of 5 bar).
Sample surface analysis using optical microscope
Ability to perform sample analysis using a high-quality optical microscope with the ability to store images in high-resolution photos. Microscope enhancement is selected between 100, 200, 500 and 1000 times. The photos are made with the NIKON DSF-1Fi digital camera specially designed for optical microscopy with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels.