Ball mill (ball-miller)

Equipment model
Pulverisette 6
Made in
Use for
  • Ball milling apparatus can realize planetary ball milling process for rapid batch wise ultra fine grinding down to colloidal fineness of hard to soft materials dry or in suspensions. Milling process possible in inert as well as reactive gas atmosphere.
  • Special interest is paid to synthesis of hydrogen storage materials by reactive ball milling under high hydrogen pressure of at least 150 bars.
Technical parameters
  • Planetary high-energy ball milling;
  • Working principle – impact force;
  • Min. sample quantity 1 ml;
  • Max. sample quantity >200 ml;
  • Final fineness (depends on material) <1μm;
  • Rotational speed of main disk 100 -650 rpm;
  • Grinding ball diameter – 0.1 – 40 mm;
  • Grinding process dry/wet;
  • Centrifugal acceleration (g = 9.81 m/s²) – 29 g;
  • Grinding in an inert and reactive atmospheres;
  • Max. gas pressure 150 bars;
  • Continuous in-situ monitoring of pressure and temperature during ball milling;
  • Data acquisition and procession software;
  • Operation time > 36 hours;
  • Optimal for material type – hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, tough, moist.
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