Determination and analysis of low concentration elements in fuels

Use for

Determination of fuel elements Ag/Al/As/Au/B/Ba/Be/Bi/Ca/Cd/Ce/Co/Cr/Cs/Cu/Dy/Er/Eu/Fe/Ga/Gd/Ge/Hf/Hg/Ho/In/Ir/K/La/Li/Lu/Mg/Mn/Mo/Na/Nb/Nd/Ni/Os/Pb/Pd/Pr/Pt/Rb/Re/Rh/Ru/S/Sb/Sc/ Se/Si/Sm/Sn/Sr/Ta/Tb/Te/Th/Ti/Tl/T m/U/V/W/Y/Yb/Zn/Zr in order to assess the fuel quality indicators and possible environmental pollution with harmful elements.

Technical parameters

For the evaluation of the elemental composition (side elements of various fuels and often harmful to the environment) of solid and liquid fuels, including biofuels and recovered fuels.

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