Device of formation and modification of constructional material surfaces in plasma

Equipment model
Plazer 80-pl m
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Use for

The purpose of the device is formation of coatings on various substrates in the ambient of atmospheric pressure plasma. Air, agon, hydrogen, propane, butane, nytrogen and their mixtures plasma can be used.

Technical parameters
  • Power 40 – 120 kW;
  • Outflow temperature 3500 – 7000 K;
  • Flow velocity at the outflow nozzle 1500-3000 m/s;
  • Velocity of the plasma sprayed dispersed particles 400-600 m/s;
  • Production efficiency of coatings 15 – 20 kg/h.
  • The diameter of the initial particle in raw powder: 10 – 250 µm.
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