Episcopic optical microscope

Equipment model
Nikon Eclipse LV150
Made in
Use for
  • Microscope is designated for the optical investigation of magnified (up to 1000x) objects which are not visible with eye.
  • Experimental analysis of surface quality.
Technical parameters
  • Bright field episcopic optical microscope with high quality camra (NIKON DS-Fi1) and special software;
  • CFI LU Plan Flour EPI objective lenses (ocular lenses 10x):
    • 10x, 0,4 NA, 17,5 WD
    • 20x, 0,45 NA, 4,5 WD
    • 50x, 0,8 NA, 1,0 WD
    • 100x, 0,9 NA, 1,0 WD
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