Four-point probe measuring instrument

Equipment model
JANDEL Universal Probe
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The purpose of the four point probe is to measure the resistivity of any semiconductor material. It can measure either bulk or thin film specimen, each of which consists of a different expression.

Technical parameters
  • Highly repeatable needle contact conditions owing to controlled velocity of descent;
  • Individually adjustable needle loadings with direct indication of set load;
  • Solid tungsten carbide needles with precision radiused tips;
  • Fully visible contact area;
  • Micrometer controlled slice displacement;
  • Hinged steel cover to eliminate effects of light and electrical interference during measurement;
  • Specification – probe needles:
    • Material: 0.5 mm diameter tungsten carbide, 26 mm long, 45 degree included angle, 25 micron tip radius (or larger up to 100 microns);
    • Spacings: 1.00 mm, 1.27 mm, 1.59 mm – tolerance +/- 0.01 mm;
    • Travel 4 mm;
    • Insulation resistance: 2 x 105 megOhms at 500 volts;
    • Load: 0-100 grams applied by adjustable individual tension gauges;
    • Specimen: slice only, 76 mm diameter is normal maximum.
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