Gas sorption/desorption equipment

Equipment model
Hy-Energy PCTPro – 2000
Made in
Use for

PCTPro-2000 is a fully automated Sievert instrument for measuring gas sorption properties kinetics and thermodynamics) of materials, especially for hydrogen storage materials. This instrument for evaluating small experimental samples or testing large gas sorption beds. It particularly suited for hydrogen sorption measurements to aid in the development of hydrogen storage and metal hydride battery materials.

Technical parameters
  • PCT Isotherms;
  • Sorption Kinetics;
  • Absorption/Desorption Cycling, PCT and Kinetics;
  • Temperature programmed Desorption;
  • Auto-Calibration;
  • Built-in Flammable gas detection Safety Systems;
  • Multiple Dosing Volumes;
  • Sample size 4-6 ml;
  • Pressure range 0.001 to 200 bar;
  • Integrated automatic control of working gas;
  • Feed-back control maintains the manifold at 29 °C ± 1 °C;
  • Software monitors the instruments temperature on 2 channels independent of measurement data acquisition.
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