General purpose Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer – GDS

Equipment model
Spectruma GDS750
Made in
Use for

Bulk elemental analysis of metals, alloys and other substances and for qualitative and quantitative depth profiling of thin film/layer systems with conductive and non-conductive layers, and for detecting changes in chemical composition of sample surface compared to the subsurface material.

Technical parameters
  • Vacuum Paschen Runge polychromator, minimum 0.75 m focal length;
  • Diffraction grating with 1800 to 3600 groves/mm, optimized for the wavelength range of the most transition metals;
  • Spectral range 120 to 800 nm;
  • Resolution < 25 pm over the whole spectral range;
  • Polyscan up to ± 1.5 nm apart from the central wavelength, fully supported by the software, including automatic data collection for bulk analysis at an arbitrary wavelength within the polyscan range;
  • Thermostatically controlled spectrometer chamber to a tolerance of ± 0.1°C;
  • Equipment has two exitacion sources: (i) Grimm Grimm type DC glow discharge source and (ii) RF source for non conductive samples;
  • In the dc mode, the system supports all three basic discharge stabilization modes (u-i, u-p, i-p) and also the power-voltage and power-current mode;
  • In the RF mode, the system allows both basic discharge stabilization modes (power-pressure, voltage-pressure) and also the voltage-power mode;
  • High speed (2kHz) and high dynamic range (at least 106) simultaneous data acquisition.
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