Glove Box Workstation

Equipment model
MBraun Unilab glovebox
Made in
Use for
  • A glove box is a sealed container used to manipulate materials where a separate atmosphere is desired.
  • They are commonly used to protect workers from hazardous materials or to protect chemicals and materials that may be sensitive to air (oxygen) and/or water vapour (product protection).
Technical parameters
  • Automatic box pressure control with foot switch;
  • Box pressure: max – +20 mbar, min – -20 mbar;
  • Leak rate <0.05 vol%/h (acc. to ISO 10648 Class 1);
  • Total vacuum in antechamber 10-4 mbar;
  • Integral leak rate in antechamber < 10-5 mbar l/s;
  • Processing gas: N2 / Ar/ He;
  • Gas purification, max <1 pmm H2O / O2;
  • Integral leak rate < 10-6 mbarl/s;
  • Perm. Ambient temperature 15 oC – 30 oC.
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