High vacuum Electron Beam Deposition System with Residual gas analyser and ion beam source

Equipment model
Kurt J. Lesker PVD 75
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Use for

The system is used for the various composition (metals, semiconductors and oxides) and structure film synthesis using electron beam physical vapour deposition technology.

Technical parameters
  • 304L Stainless Steel chamber (75 L volume) with large door opening (approximately 350×600 mm) and multiple customisable ports (2.75 CF) for attachment of various additional components and feedthroughs;
  • Oil free high vacuum (up to 10-8 mbar) achievable by 1500 L/s cryopump;
  • 3-position pneumatically actuated isolation gate valve for adjustment of pumping speed during deposition process;
  • Fully integrated computer control of gas supply (two independent MFC), pumping/venting processes, pneumatic valves and safety system;
  • Process Gas: 2 Channel Mass Flow Control with Pressure Control;
  • System Control: PC-Based HMI, with Recipe Control and Data logging;
  • 4-Pocket 8cc Electron Beam deposition source (5kW power);
  • Deposition orientation: evaporation up;
  • In-situ deposition rate and thin film thickness monitoring/control;
  • Substrate cleaning and/or pre-treatment with Ion Source and RF Bias;
  • 200 AMU residual gas analyser;
  • Variable speed sample holder rotation;
  • Substrate heating with Resistive Element design to heat the backside of substrate fixture and supplied with thermocouple feedback and control of temperature up to 600 °C.
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