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Ambios XP-200 Profiler
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The equipment provide precision surface topography measurements on a wide variety of substrates and come with the low force frictionless pivot stylus head and a force control feedback system. The force control and frictionless pivot permit accurate profiling of the surface topography with minimal stylus contact force.

Technical parameters
  • Sample Thickness: 30 mm max;
  • Vertical Range: 400 μm max;
  • Vertical Resolution: 1 Å at 10 μm, 15 Å at 100 μm, 62 Å at 400 μm;
  • Step Height Repeatability: 10 Å (guaranteed for 1 μm step height, 1 sigma), or 0.1 % of nominal step height; whichever is greater;
  • Max. Scan Length: 50 mm linear;
  • Stylus Force: 0.05 – 10 mg (programmable);
  • Up to 30 Analytical Functions and PSD curve;
  • Height histogram, skewness, and profile subtraction;
  • Automated scan stitching and step detection, auto level and auto measure;
  • Motorized Sample Translation Stage ( X=150 mm, Y=17 mm) with manual theta and tilt adjustment capabilities;
  • Colour Camera with motorized zoom 40 to 160 X (1 to 4 mm Field Of View);
  • Field of View: 1-4 mm;
  • Platform for Active Vibration Isolation;
  • Isolation: dynamic 0.6 Hz to 100 kHz;
  • 3D mapping: high resolution surface map;
  • Roughness Parameters: Ra, Rq, Rp, Rv, Rt, Rz;
  • Waviness Parameters: Wa, Wq, Wp, Wv, Wt, Wz;
  • Step Height Parameters: Avg. Step Ht., Avg. Ht., Max. Peak, Max. Valley, Peak to Valley;
  • Geometry Parameters: Area, Slope, Radius, Perimeter;
  • Other Parameters: Stress analysis, height histogram, skewness, profile subtraction.
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