Scanning electron microscope

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Use for

Surface structure and morphology analysis (together wit EDS elemental analysis) of conductive, semi conductive and non conductive samples.

Technical parameters
  • Secondary electron resolution: 3 nm, at high vacuum and 30 kV Vacc; 10 nm, , at high vacuum and 3 kV Vacc.
  • Backscattered electron resolution: 4 nm, at high and low vacuum and 30 k Vacc.
  • SEM has fully automatic vacuum system capable to achieve ≤ 1,5 x 10-3 Pa pressure in sample chamber, for low vacuum mode pressure is freely selectable from 10-270 Pa range.
  • SEM has high quality secondary and backscattered electron detectors optimised for low vacuum mode, IR-CCD camera. Bruker Quad 5040 EDS detector.
  • Fully motorised, large size 5-axis eucentric sample stage.
  • High resolution images savable in JPEG, TIFF, BMP formats.
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