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  • @RISK employs Monte Carlo method to extend the space of solutions yielded by programme in Microsoft Excel, with respect to the expected violations of parameter values. @RISK calculates the probability of solutions for various probabilistic distributions of a selected parameter. It makes possible the assessment, elimination or mitigation  of investment risk and related consequences.
  • The tool is designated predominatly for the risk assessment of various investment projects  as well as for the sensitivity analysis of various input factors. DecisionTools Suite includes the StatTools module designated for the statistical data anlysis and prediction purposes.  RISKOptimizer module performs risk optimisation.  Being linked to Microsoft Excel, all these software tools support the decision maker in the  evaluation of reasonableness and rationality of the chosen solution.
Technical parameters

The software package consists of the main program and 6 additional modules:

  • Evolver
  • Neural tools
  • Precission tree
  • Risk Optimizer
  • Stat Tools
  • Top rank
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