X-Ray diffractometer (D8Bruker)

Equipment model
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Use for
  • Equipment is used for the non-destructive analysis of all types of samples including powders and thin films.
  • Equipmet can be used for the simultaneous determination of all containing crystal phases without any time consuming preparation.
  • Equipment can be used for the analysis of samples containing various crystal phaseswith differing crystallites.
Technical parameters
  • Working orientation: horizontal or vertical;
  • Possible configuration: Theta/2Theta, Theta/Theta;
  • Goniometer diameter (depending on selected configuration and equipment parts): selected at 435, 500, 600 mm or any values in between;
  • Lowest step size (Theta/2Theta): 0.0001°;
  • Repeatability (Theta/2Theta): +-0.0001°;
  • Maximal scan speed: 1500°/min (Theta/2Theta, without additional accesories);
  • Angular positioning: Stepper motor with optical switching;
  • Diameter of central Theta: 10 cm;
  • Angular analysis range (Theta): no generall restrictions but some limitation are possible due to the used parts and accesories;
  • Angular analysis range (2Theta): from -110° up to 168° (depending on used parts);
  • Motorised (variable) and fixed divergence and antiscatering slits, 2.5° and 4° soller slits;
  • 0,12° secondary slits for parallel beam mode.
  • X-ray diffractometer is equipped with special heating chamber for temperatures from room up to 1600 °C;
  • XYZ sample stage: (i) X-axis: 150 mm range, 0.01 mm step; (ii) Y-axis: 150 mm range, 0.01 mm step; (iii) Z-axis (vertical): 50 mm range, 0.01 mm step.
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