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Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Šimonis A. [LEI], Naumov V., Ekaterinichev D.. Gamma Radiation Shielding Assessment Using Stochastic, Deterministic, and Experimental Methods for RBMK-1500 SNF Storage Cask In: Nuclear Technology . Philadelphia: American Nuclear Society, 2022, Vol. 208, Iss. 12, p. 1876-1889. Scopus . ISSN 0029-5450 , eISSN 1943-7471.
Ragaišis V. [LEI], Kaliatka T. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Kaliatka A. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Janulionis R. [LEI], Narkūnas E. [LEI], Sirvydas A. [LEI], Babilas E. [LEI], Rimkevičius S. [LEI]. A proposed approach for the evaluation of consequences of a large aircraft crash accident at an RBMK type reactor site during decommissioning In: Progress in Nuclear Energy. Oxford: Elsevier, 2022, Vol. 145, 104135, p. 1-15. ISSN 0149-1970, eISSN 1878-4224.


Šmaižys A. [LEI], Narkūnas E. [LEI], Poškas G. [LEI], Naumov V., Ekaterinichev D.. Evaluation of the shielding properties of a new increased capacity storage cask for RBMK-1500 used fuel In: Progress in Nuclear Energy. Oxford: Elsevier, 2021, Vol. 141, 103986, p. 1-11. ISSN 0149-1970, eISSN 1878-4224.
Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Naumov V., Ekaterinichev D.. Neutron dose rate analysis of the new CONSTOR® storage cask for the RBMK-1500 spent nuclear fuel In: Nuclear Engineering and Technology. Daejeon: Elsevier, 2021, Vol. 53, p. 1869-1877. ISSN 1738-5733.


Narkūnas E. [LEI], Poškas G. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI]. Impact of shield elements on the WWER-440 reactor pressure vessel activation In: Annals of Nuclear Energy. Oxford: Elsevier, 2019, Vol. 130, p. 394-401. ISSN 0306-4549.
Šmaižys A. [LEI], Narkūnas E. [LEI], Rudychev V., Rudychev Y.. Analysis of Some Computer Codes Used for Evaluation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Radiation Parameters In: Nuclear and Radiation Sofety. 2019, Vol. 3, No. 83, p. 44-50. ISSN 2073-6231.


Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Narkūnas E. [LEI]. Evaluation of dose rate variation during very long term storage of RBMK-1500 reactor used fuel In: Annals of Nuclear Energy. 2017, Vol. 109, p. 192-198. ISSN 0306-4549.


Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Bartkus G. [LEI]. Modelling of the spatial distribution of the induced activities in the RBMK-1500 reactor graphite blocks and rings/sleeves In: Progress in Nuclear Energy. Oxford, England: Elsevier, 2016, Vol. 91, p. 265-276. ISSN 0149-1970.
Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Ragaišis V. [LEI]. Modelling of RBMK-1500 SNF storage casks activation during very long term storage In: Applied Radiation and Isotopes. Netherlands: Elsevier, 2016, Vol. 115, p. 100-108. ISSN 0969-8043.

Conference paper


Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI]. Preliminary inventory of C-14 in irradiated graphite of Ignalina NPP unit 1 RBMK-1500 reactor In: EURADWASTE ’19 Conference Proceedings 9th European Commission Conference on EURATOM Research and Training in Radioactive Waste Management 4-7 June, 2019 Pitesti, Romania . Luxembourg: European Union, 2020, p. 682. ISBN 978-92-79-98750-2.

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