Audrius Šimonis

Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (14)
Senior research associate
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Book or monograph


Almas M., Aoyama Y., Ashworth P., Buday G., Šimonis A. [LEI], et al. Communication and Stakeholder Involvement in Radioactive Waste Disposal In: IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NW-T-1.16. Vienna: International Atomic Energy Agency, 2022, p. 1-106. ISSN 1995-7807 ISBN 978-92-0-122720-1.

Scientific article


Narkūnas E. [LEI], Šmaižys A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Šimonis A. [LEI], Naumov V., Ekaterinichev D.. Gamma Radiation Shielding Assessment Using Stochastic, Deterministic, and Experimental Methods for RBMK-1500 SNF Storage Cask In: Nuclear Technology . Philadelphia: American Nuclear Society, 2022, Vol. 208, Iss. 12, p. 1876-1889. Scopus . ISSN 0029-5450 , eISSN 1943-7471.


Poškas P. [LEI], Kilda R. [LEI], Šimonis A. [LEI], Jouhara H., Poškas R. [LEI]. Disposal of very low-level radioactive waste: Lithuanian case on the approach and long-term safety aspects In: Science of the Total Environment. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2019, Vol. 447, p. 464-474. ISSN 0048-9697.
Poškas G. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Šimonis A. [LEI]. Assessment of the Radioactive Contamination of the RBMK-1500 Reactor’s Steam Pipelines and High Pressure Rings In: Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations. London: Hindawi, 2019, p. 1-8. ISSN 1687-6075, eISSN 1687-6083.


Šimonis A. [LEI], Poškas G. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI]. Estimation of the radiation doses during the dismantling of the equipment in Building 117/1 at the Ignalina NPP In: Annals of Nuclear Energy. Oxford, England: Elsevier, 2018, 121, p. 29-35. ISSN 0306-4549.


Šimonis A. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Poškas G. [LEI], Grigaliūnienė D. [LEI]. Modeling of the radiation doses during dismantling of RBMK-1500 reactor emergency core cooling system large diameter pipes In: Annals of Nuclear Energy. Oxford: Elsevier, 2015, Vol. 85, p. 159-165. ISSN 0306-4549.
Ragaišis V. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Šimonis A. [LEI]. Methodology for the scoping assessment of radioactive releases during dismantling of RBMK-1500 reactor systems with low-level contamination In: Annals of Nuclear Energy. Oxford: Elsevier, 2015, Vol. 75, p. 193-198. ISSN 0306-4549.

Conference paper


Šimonis A. [LEI], Poškas G. [LEI], Poškas P. [LEI], Klevinskas G.. Decommissioning of Radon Type Radioactive Waste Storage Facility in Lithuania In: International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future (IAEA), November 1-5, 2021, Vienna, Austria. Vienna: IAEA, 2021, CN-294, p. 96-96..

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