Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring with School Curriculum (Active Learning (AL))

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2006 - 2008
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The “Integration of Active Learning and energy monitoring with School Curriculum” project has been reviewed and results of its implementation are presented. The project was executed by agreement with European Commission Intelligent Energy – Europe Agency, with partners from 14 European countries. The Active Learning toolbox with a number of activity sheets for fun and engaging activities within six topics was developed. The activities have been tried and tested by selected Lithuanian and European schools – teachers and children from 14 different countries. The schools’ energy monitoring was described in more detail. The tables with pupils’ introduction data on a special Internet page are shown. The schools’ monitoring possibilities and results of energy consumption are presented and discussed. The diagrams of dependence of schools’ energy consumption on outside temperature are compared. The specific energy consumption of the Lithuanian schools that participated in the Active Learning project are shown and analysed.

LEI activities in the Project

  • Existing administration system of education in Lithuania was analysed and presented.
  • The major regulatory documents providing for learning were collected, analysed and presented.
  • Existing system for preparation national education curricula were analysed and presented.
  • Possibilities for integration of AL and EM with national schools curricula were analysed and proposals for integration were presented.
  • 16 Champion schools in Lithuania were committed.
  • Regular meetings with teachers and authorities of champion schools and discussions about AL project results, possibilities to integrate AL and EM with national schools curricula were performed.
  • All compulsory AL toolbox material was completely used in 16 Lithuanian schools.


Total cost: 1 445 324 EUR

Coordinator: Norwegian Energy Efficiency Inc (NEE), Norway


  • The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greece
  • Le Centre Urbain / Stadswinkel asbl (ABEA), Belgium
  • The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), France
  • Eliante, Italy
  • Newark & Sherwood Energy Agency (NSEA), United Kingdom
  • MOTIVA Oy, Finland
  • The Swedish Energy Agency (STEM), Sweden
  • The Directorate For Primary and Secondary Education (DPSE), Norway
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), Lithuania
  • EC Baltic Institute for Renewable Energy (EC BREC), Poland
  • INNOTERM Energetics Environmental Protection & Development Ltd., Hungary
  • Agencija za prestrukturiranje Energetike (ApE), Slovenia
  • European Association of Ecologists (ESE), Poland
  • Energi Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria
  • Stredisko pro efektivni vyuzivani energie, o.p.s. (SEVEn), Czech Republic


Project Team

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LEI Representative
Romualdas Škėma 114-AK +37037401802

Project Team
Vygandas Gaigalis
Kazys Marcinauskas 114/1-AK +37037401852
Irena Korsakienė
Jūratė Valaitienė 121-AK +37037401853