Service buildings keep cool – promotion of “sustainable cooling” in the service building sector (KeepCool)

Project programme
01.01.2005 - 28.02.2007
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According to recent EU-studies a four-fold growth in air-conditioned space is likely between 1990 to 2020. Despite this worrying perspective energy efficiency policy in European countries rarely addresses cooling. Available energy efficient and sustainable cooling technologies hardly reach the market today.
The overall goal of the project is to implement activities that reduce the negative impacts from increasing cooling demand in Europe through an increased market penetration of sustainable cooling approaches and technologies.
In a “preliminary definition” sustainable cooling consist of the following elements: reducing heat load; minimizing the electricity consumption; increasing the use of renewable energy sources.
As target sector the proposed action addresses both newly constructed and existing service buildings (both public and private sector). Since the buildings owners are the driving force in the investment process, the project focuses on convincing building owners on the benefits of sustainable cooling solutions through marketing and dissemination of already existing technologies, knowledge and tools. In addition the project aims at supporting the cooperation between suppliers of sustainable cooling solutions and ensuring the link to policy instruments, that might support the accelerated market penetration of sustainable cooling.

LEI activities in the Project

  • Work package 1 collects the state of the art related to sustainable cooling. Starting from a definition of “sustainable cooling”, the information will be presented “from the perspective of the building owner”.
  • Work package 2 describes available tools. As Final output a tool kit with assessment instruments and strategies for implementation of “Sustainable cooling” will be produced.
  • Work package 3 contains marketing and dissemination activities and represents the core activity of the project. Except the concluding conference, the work package is implemented on a national/regional level. The focus is on concrete advice in real projects but also seminars, face to face meetings and pilot projects. A network of key actors is created.
  • Work package 4 ensures the link to policy measures, that would – in addition to marketing and know-how-transfer – support the accelerated market penetration of sustainable cooling approaches and technologies.

Total cost: 722 086 EUR (LEI part: 20 000 EUR)

Coordinator: Austrijos energetikos agentūros (Energieverwertungsagentur, the Austrian Energy Agency (E.V.A.) atstovas p. Fritz Unterpertinger


  • National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service Limited (NIFES), UK
  • Zentrum für Zukunftsenergiesysteme e.V. (ZES e.V), Germany
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE, Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC), Austria
  • Swedish Energy Agency (STEAM), Sweden
  • Centro de Estudos em Economia da Energia, dos Transportes e do Ambiente (CEEETA), Portugal
  • Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Energetica, (eERG), Italy
  • Sociedad para el Desarrollo Energeticode Andalucia, S.A. (SODEAN), Spain
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), Lithuania

Project Team