Particle and flow behavior in micro and nano structures

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01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024
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Micro- and nano-scale structures are used in a wide range of lab-on-a-chip, micro-total-analysis-systems and MEMS devices, where particle flow control plays an important role. One of the main scientific fields using particle trapping mechanisms is biomedicine. In this field, hydrodynamic traps are used to sort particles by size or other physical parameters. The particles separated from the overall biological sample stream can then be used as clinical indicators for the detection of diseases or for further research.

The aim of the LMT Research Group project “Particle and flow behavior in micro- and nano-structures”, carried out by the LEI Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing, is to investigate, experimentally and numerically, the mechanisms underlying particle behavior, including separation, confinement, and trapping in micro- and nano-channels, depending on the geometrical parameters of the channels and on the mode of flow, thereby identifying fundamental regularities in the efficiency of trapping of the particle. This project will combine experimental flow imaging measurements with molecular dynamics simulations to extend experimental measurements to the nano-scale.

This project will aim to deepen the fundamental understanding of the mechanism of trapping of micro- and nano-particles in microflows. And the knowledge gained on the behavior of nanoparticles in the nanoflow will contribute to the development of micro- and nanofluidic technologies.

Project ID (LMT): P-MIP-21-260

Funding: EUR 149 996
Funding provided by the Lithuanian Research Council (LMT),
Instrument – Lithuanian Research Council Research Support, Research Group Projects


Lietuvos mokslo taryba

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Paulius Vilkinis 212-LK +37037401852

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Algis Džiugys 118-AK +37037401874
Nerijus Pedišius
Justas Šereika 213-LK +37037401849
Gediminas Skarbalius 211-LK +37037401993
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