Novel methods for producing mineral fibre from local raw materials and waste (PLAZMINFIB)

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2006 - 2009
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The aim of this work is the investigation of ceramic fibre forming ability from the Si, Mg, Ca and Al oxide system employing plasma technology, the realisation of fibre synthesis process, the study of chemical and physical properties of products produced and the development of new applications for the national needs of participating countries. The investigation of physical properties will be focused on thermal properties (thermal conductivity, operating temperature, thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.) and catalytic properties (especially CO and SO2 oxidation and NOx reduction possibilities). The development of new applications will include investigating the possibilities of using the novel mineral fibres as additional components in cementitious materials, the employment of fibre for improvement of ecological characteristics of water and steam boilers using wool filters and the treatment of exhaust gas discharged from thermal factories and plants. The research also includes the determination of a possible range of uses of the product as noise protection material, for production of fibre reinforced polymers as a matrix for polyester and epoxy resins employed for civil, naval and aesthetic needs.

LEI activities in the Project

Workers of Lithuanian Energy Institute offer, create and realize a method and technology for the synthesis of mineral fibers from ceramic materials – sand, dolomite asbestos, aluminum oxide and their mixtures. Perform microscopic research of the product, determine the free surface of the product by BET method and perform research related to the use of the obtained product heterogenous catalytic processes.

Total cost: 350 000 EUR

Coordinator: Lithuanian Energy Institute, LEI


  • UAB „Termotechnika“, Lithuania
  • Blachovnie Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis, Poland
  • University of Catania, Italy

Coordinator: Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania

Project Team

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Vitas Valinčius 116-LK +37037401896

Project Team
Romualdas Kėželis 108-LK +37037401894
Pranas Valatkevičius
Viktorija Grigaitienė 113-LK +37037401898
Vladas Mėčius
Mindaugas Milieška 109-LK +37037401895
Vilma Snapkauskienė 113-LK +37037401898
Juozas Meištavičius
Jūratė Kryžienė 115-LK +37037401899
Stasys Aikas 08-LK +37037401897