Equipment model
IKA C5003C
Made in
Use for
  • Analysis by DIN 51900 (1977/84), ASTM D240 (2002), ASTM D4809 (2000), ASTM 1989 (1992), ASTM 5468 (2002), ASTM 5865 (2001), ASTM E711, or equivalent standards;
  • Determination of heating value of biofuel, mixtures and calorific waste for determination of suitability of combustion in industrial furnaces;
  • User selectable 3 analysis methods (adiabatic, dynamic izoperibolic), at different temperatures.
Technical parameters
  • External cooling module synchronized calorimetric system;
  • Automatic filling of calorimetric bomb by oxygen and removal of combustion products;
  • Fully automatic ignition of the sample;
  • Automatic recognition of calorimetric bomb;
  • Fully automatic control. Analytical scales for sample weight readings and transfer to the instrument.
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