XPS – X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Equipment model
ULVAC-PHI 5000 Versaprobe
Made in
USA, Japan
Use for

Equipment is designated for the XPS analysis of various samples (including thin films and nanopowders) for the determination of elemental and chemical composition.

Technical parameters
  • Base vacuum pressure  –  <6.7×10-8 Pa (5×10-10 Torr);
  • Ion gun current up to 5 µA, at 5 kV voltage;
  • XPS energy resolution for Ag 3d5/2 peak  FWHM < 0.50 eV;
  • XPS energy resolution for PET – O=C-O C 1s peak FWHM < 0.85 eV;
  • The diameter of scanning X-ray beam from 10 µm up to 300 µm.
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