Population Access to Housing and Measures to Increase the Availability of Housing (GABu)

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05.04.2018 - 29.09.2018
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This research project was devoted to analysing opportunities to obtain housing for the Lithuanian population and possible measures to increase housing availability. The project aims to identify criteria and groups of persons who need support in obtaining housing and propose support measures relevant to each particular group identified.

The project’s main scientific result is a comprehensive analysis of social housing models, retrospective analysis of government support in the field of housing in Lithuania, overview of current housing availability trends and quantitative and qualitative studies of the measures to increase housing availability. A microsimulation model that covers all Lithuanian households has been created to analyse different support measures, while semi-structured interviews have been used for qualitative analysis.
The project results also include a methodology and an applied model that will serve as tools for the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and other stakeholders to monitor access to housing, evaluate existing and plan new measures to increase access to housing.


The research is financed by the Research Council of Lithuania (Nr. S-REP-18-2).

Lietuvos mokslo taryba

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Vidas Lekavičius 311-AK +37037401986 Vidas.Lekavicius@lei.lt

Project Team
Viktorija Bobinaitė 310-AK +37037401956 Viktorija.Bobinaite@lei.lt
Arvydas Galinis 326-AK +37037401957 Arvydas.Galinis@lei.lt
Vaclovas Miškinis 308-AK +37037401959 Vaclovas.Miskinis@lei.lt
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