Eimantas Neniškis

Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)
PhD student + Junior research associate
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Bobinaitė V. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI], Lekavičius V. [LEI], Miškinis V. [LEI], Neniškis E. [LEI], Norvaiša E. [LEI], Pažėraitė A. [LEI]. Gyventojų galimybės apsirūpinti būstu ir priemonės būsto prieinamumui didinti In: Mokslo studija. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2019, p. 1-178..

Scientific article


Miškinis V. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI], Konstantinavičiūtė I. [LEI], Lekavičius V. [LEI], Neniškis E. [LEI]. The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Dynamics of Energy-Related GHG Emissions in the Baltic States In: Sustainability. Basel: MDPI, 2021, Vol. 13, Iss. 18, 10215, p. 1-35. ISSN 2071-1050.


Miškinis V. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI], Konstantinavičiūtė I. [LEI], Lekavičius V. [LEI], Neniškis E. [LEI]. Comparative analysis of energy efficiency trends and driving factors in the Baltic States In: Energy Strategy Reviews. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2020, Vol. 30, 100514, p. 1-14. ISSN 2211-467X.


Miškinis V. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI], Konstantinavičiūtė I. [LEI], Lekavičius V. [LEI], Neniškis E. [LEI]. Comparative Analysis of the Energy Sector Development Trends and Forecast of Final Energy Demand in the Baltic States In: Sustainability. Basel: MDPI, 2019, Vol. 11, No. 2, 521, p. 1-27. ISSN 2071-1050.
Neniškis E. [LEI]. Modelling electric vehicles and setting charging patterns endogenously in energy planning models In: Energetika. Vilnius: Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, 2019, Vol. 65, No. 2-3, p. 131-143. ISSN 0235-7208.


Neniškis E. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI]. Representation of wind power generation in economic models for long-term energy planning In: Energetika. Vilnius: Lietuvos mokslų akademija, 2018, Vol. 64, Nr. 1, p. 32-42. ISSN 0235-7208, eISSN 1822-8836.

Conference paper


Neniškis E. [LEI], Galinis A. [LEI], Norvaiša E. [LEI]. Incorporating vehicle age distributions into transport model within message energy planning model In: The 17th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy and Natural Sciences Issues (CYSENI 2021) Kaunas, Lithuania, May 24-28, 2021. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2021, p. 361-362. ISSN 1822-7554.


Galinis A. [LEI], Alėbaitė I. [LEI], Neniškis E. [LEI]. Šalies centralizuoto šilumos tiekimo sistemos plėtra In: Šilumos energetika ir technologijos - 2015: konferencijos pranešimų medžiaga, Kauno technologijos universitetas, 2015 sausio 29-30 . Kaunas: Kauno technologijos universitetas, 2015, p. 70-78. ISSN 2335-2485.

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Horizon 2020


REEEM AIMS to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the system-wide implications of energy strategies in support of transitions to a competitive low-carbon EU energy societyMore


The region of the European Union around the Baltic sea especially the countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are not adequately integrated to the European electricity grid. At the enMore

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


Based on thorough integrated climate planning the READY project will demonstrate a Whole City Approach including: 1) Demo of a balanced and holistic approach towards affordable retrofMore



Project is devoted to elaboration of methodology and corresponding mathematical models (based on IAEA tools) for evaluation of the least-cost long term greenhouse gas mitigation stratMore

Nordic Energy Research Programme (NERP)

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The FasTen project will explore the potential to accelerate the decarbonisation of the Baltic States in the next 5-15 years. The project aims to “promote energy research and analysis More

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