Promoting LEI’s Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Transfer Unit’s (RDITU) activity

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On 7 February 2018, the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) and the public institution Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) signed a contract for the implementation of the project No. 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-01-0022 “Promotion of the activities of the LEI’s Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Transfer Unit (RDITU)“.

The main problem addressed by the project is the insufficient commercialisation of knowledge, technological and innovative solutions at LEI due to the lack of competence of the RDITU staff. To address the problem, it is planned to reinforce RDITU with six expert managers with experience in cooperation with Lithuanian business in the three smart specialisation areas.

The project’s expected results are the development of the RDITU into a Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Transfer Centre, which will have 9 employees at the end of the project, and an increase of 60% in the financial value of the Institute’s contracts with companies in the third year after the project.

Call: 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-01

Project ID: 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-01-0022

Project funding: EUR 364 133,24
Project duration: 3 years*

* – The deadline for the completion of the project activities was extended to 31 July 2021, as the restrictions of the global pandemic COVID-19 prevented the project promoters from travelling to the European institutions and from carrying out the planned service sales visits. Read more here.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and implemented under the measure 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703 “Promotion of Centres of Excellence and Centres for Innovation and Technology Transfer” of Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” of the Operational Programme for Investment of European Union Funds 2014-2020.

Project Team

Name, surname Office phone. e-mail

LEI Representative
Rimantas Levinskas 208-AK/330-AK +37037401804

Project Team
Mindaugas Milieška 109-LK +37037401895
Aistė Stragienė 330-AK +37037401848
Marius Urbonavičius 301-LK +37037401824
Mindaugas Vaišnoras 414-AK +37037401954
Gintautas Poškas 38-BRK +37037401840
Agnė Bertašienė 328/1-AK +37037401865
Darius Jakimavičius 417-AK +37037401965
Aurimas Lisauskas 103-LK +37037401932