Marius Urbonavičius

Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (18)
Senior research associate
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Skvorčinskienė R. [LEI], Eimontas J. [LEI], Bašinskas M. [LEI], Vorotinskienė L. [LEI], Urbonavičius M. [LEI], Kiminaitė I. [LEI], Maziukienė M. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Zakarauskas K. [LEI], Makarevičius V. [LEI]. Magnesium Hydride: Investigating Its Capability to Maintain Stable Vapor Film In: Energies. Basel: MDPI, 2024, Vol. 17. Iss. 3, 661, p. 1-12. ISSN 1996-1073.
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Conference paper


Skvorčinskienė R. [LEI], Vorotinskienė L. [LEI], Striūgas N. [LEI], Urbonavičius M. [LEI], Zakarauskas K. [LEI]. Thermal analysis of magnesium hydride In: Book of Abstracts SMS /NanoMed /Sensors/EGF 2023 Joint Conferences 25 - 27 October 2023. Albufeira: Setcor, 2023, p. 104-104..
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Vasiliauskė D., Sakalauskaitė S., Kuliešienė N., Tučkutė S. [LEI], Urbonavičius M. [LEI], Varnagiris Š. [LEI], Daugelavičius R., Lelis M. [LEI]. Synergistic generation of reactive oxygen species by visible light activated TiO2 and S.enterica interaction In: The Conference of Environmental and Climate Technologies (Connect2021). Riga: Riga Technical University, 2021, p. 17-17..


Girdzevičius D., Urbonavičius M. [LEI], Varnagiris Š. [LEI], Milčius D. [LEI]. Attempt to regenerate MgO to Mg under hydrogen plasma conditions In: The 14th International Conference of Young Scientists on energy Issues (CYSENI 2017), Kaunas, Lithuania, May 25-26, 2017. Kaunas: Lietuvos energetikos institutas, 2017, p. 192-198. ISSN 1822-7554.

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