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Laboratory of Materials Research and Testing (16)
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Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Pitak I. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Kriūkienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė S. I. [LEI]. Functional and microstructural alterations in hydrated and freeze–thawed cement-oil shale ash composites In: Case Studies in Construction Materials. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2023, Vol. 19, e02302, p. 1-16. ISSN 2214-5095.


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Varnagiris Š. [LEI], Donelienė J., Tučkutė S. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Lelis M. [LEI], Milčius D. [LEI]. Expanded polystyrene foam formed from polystyrene beads coated with a nanocrystalline SiO2 film and the analysis of its moisture adsorption and resistance to mechanical stress In: Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering . Philadelphia, USA: Taylor&Francis, 2018, Vol. 57, Iss. 13, p. 1296-1302. ISSN 0360-2559, eISSN 1525-6111.
Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI]. Influence of organoclay structural characteristics on properties and hydration of cement pastes In: Construction and building materials. Oxford, England: Elsevier, 2018, Vol. 166, p. 59-71. ISSN 0950-0618.


Brinkienė K. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI]. Performance evaluation of refractory composite coatings in potassium rich environment In: Materials science (Medžagotyra). Kaunas: Kauno technologijos universitetas, 2016, Vol. 22, No. 3, p. 451-457. ISSN 1392-1320.


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Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Lukošiūtė I. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI]. Properties of waste catalyst-cement mortars: impact of organoclay type In: Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Germany: Parlar Scientific Publications, 2015, Vol. 24, No. 10b, p. 3460-3466. ISSN 1018-4619.

Conference paper


Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Pitak I. [LEI], Dičkuvienė Kalpokaitė R. [LEI]. Basalt boron fiber corrosion in alkaline medium In: Abstract Book 4th International Conference Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation Water, Raw Materials & Energy 14 – 15 December 2023. Cracow: Polish Academy of Sciences, 2023, p. 104-104. ISBN 978-83-67606-27-1.


Pitak I. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Kalpokaitė Dičkuvienė R. [LEI]. Analytical study of the features of oil shale ash waste In: Book of abstracts: Linnaeus ECO-TECH '22. 13th International conference on establishment of cooperation between companies and institutions in the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and the world. Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2022, November 21-23. Kalmar: Linnaeus University, 2022, p. 1-1. ISBN 978-91-89460-85-0.


Pitak I. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Denafas G. [LEI]. Opportunity production solid recovery fuel from refuse derived fuel and use it as an alternative fuel for the cement industry of Lithuania In: Conference proceedings 2 nd International Conference Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation – Water, Raw Materials & Energy 8 – 10 December 2021. Cracow: Publishing House Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, 2021, 130, p. 1-1. ISBN 978-83-963280-3-8.


Lukošiūtė S. [LEI], Baltušnikas A. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Dičkuvienė Kalpokaitė R. [LEI]. Porous montmorillonite heterostructure: synthesis, structural and thermal characterization In: Book of abstracts of the 5th Central and Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC5) and 14th Mediterranean Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (Medicta2019). Roma: Central and Eastern European Committee for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC), 2019, PS2.011, p. 301-301. ISBN 9783940237590.


Dičkuvienė R. [LEI], Brinkienė K. [LEI], Čėsnienė J. [LEI], Kėželis R. [LEI]. Application of Fibre Produced by Plasma Spray Method in Cementitious Composition In: CIMTEC 2010 12th International Ceramics Congress June 6-11, 2010. Montecatini Terme: 2010, Session CN-6 Applications CN:P01, p. 154-154..

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