17-oji tarptautinė doktorantų ir jaunųjų mokslininkų konferencija „CYSENI 2021“

Šiais metais 17-oji tarptautinė doktorantų ir jaunųjų mokslininkų konferencija „CYSENI 2021“ pristatoma šūkiu „CYSENI 2021 goes online“. Atsižvelgiant į dabartinę epidemiologinę situaciją, konferencija yra perkeliama į virtualią erdvę, kur, kaip ir kiekvienais metais, jaunieji mokslininkai turės galimybę pristatyi savo naujausius tyrimus. Kviečiame registruotis ir dalintis informacija su kolegomis.

Kvietimo PDF versija: https://url.lei.lt/cyseni2021call
Facebook renginys: https://url.lei.lt/cyseni2021eventfb


The main goal of the 17th annual Conference is to discuss issues and perspectives of Natural Sciences and Energy Sector worldwide; as well as to allow young scientists to develop their skills. Ph. D. students, postdocs, master students and all other young scientists doing research on natural sciences and energy issues are welcome to the Conference as speakers and participants.

The new online form of the conference brings new challenges as well as new opportunities. It frees our resources and allows us to divert more efforts towards expanding the scope and increasing the reach of the Conference.

To attain these goals, this year Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) has partnered with three other top-tier Lithuanian science institutions: Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC), Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and RTO Lithuania. This partnership is built on years of previous cooperation on identified synergies of their research fields, and is reflected in an expanded list of Topics for the Conference this year.


January 17, 2021 – deadline for registration and abstract submission
March 07, 2021 – draft paper submission. Papers have to be prepared according to the instructions
April 30, 2021 – final paper submission
May 14, 2021 – submission of the recorded presentation

For more information:
Template and instructions for paper: http://cyseni.com/instructions-for-authors/
PDF version: https://url.lei.lt/cyseni2021call
Facebook: http://url.lei.lt/lei-fb