Plazmos poveikio taikymas vertingų junginių ekstrakcijai iš mikrodumblių, naudotų nuotekų bioremediacijoje

Pulsed electric field and plasma assisted treatment of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris

Decommissioning of Radon Type Radioactive Waste Storage Facility in Lithuania

Competition in the Heat Market: Districh Heating System as the infrastructure for competention Among Producers

Socioeconomic impacts of cleaner production practices in chemical industry

Modelling Macroeconomic Impacts of Production Practice Change in the Plastics Sector

Sustainability framework for assessment of mergers and acquisitions in enegy sector

Neutralization of waste using a plasma chemical reactor

Chromo oksido ir chromo oksido kompozitų dangų suformuotų plazminiu purškimu tribologinės savybės. Tribological properties of chromia and chromia composite coatings deposited by plasma spraying

Chlorella vulgaris dumblių apšvita plazma. Treatment of Chlorella vulgaris by plasma