56th ESReDA Seminar „Critical Services continuity, Resilience and Security” (Linz, Austria)

VietaJohannes Kepler University, Altenbergerstraße 69, 4040 Linz, Austria

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56th ESReDA Seminar On
Critical Services continuity, Resilience and Security

Announcement and Call for Papers

Scope of the seminar

Vital services continuity is a major societal security issue in modern society. The supply of the vital services is guaranteed thanks to a large variety of Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Some CIs’ disruption may endanger the security of the citizen, the safety of the strategic assets and even the governance stability.

The CIs are more and more connected thanks to the information technology (IT) and supply services in every aspect in man’s daily-life. The continuous progress in the IT fields pushes modern systems and infrastructures to be more and more: intelligent, distributed and proactive. That increases not only the operational complexity of the CI’s but their vulnerability. The more complex a system is, the more vulnerable it will be and the more numerous are the threats that can impact on it. The loss of operability of critical infrastructures may, thus, lead to severe crises.

Engineers, designers, operators and legislators should enhance the system preparedness and resilience facing different threats. That requires continuous efforts and resources of all kinds in a variety of fields. One of them is “Modelling, Simulation & Analysis (SM&A)” of the CI in order to enhance the CIs’ preparedness & resilience.

The European Safety, Reliability and Data Association (ESReDA) as one of the most active EU networks in the field has initiated a project group (CI-PR/MS&A-Data) on the “Critical Infrastructure/Modelling, Simulation and Analysis – Data”. The main focus of the project group is to report on the state of progress in MS&A of the CIs preparedness & resilience with a specific focus on the corresponding data availability and relevance.

In order to report on the most recent developments in the field of the CIs preparedness & resilience MS&A and the availability of the relevant data, ESReDA will hold its 56th Seminar on the following thematic: “Critical Services continuity, Resilience and Security”.

The 56th ESReDA seminar will be held on May 23-24, 2019, hosted by Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.


Threats identifications & specifications
CIs disruptions MS&A
CI’s vulnerability MS&A
CIs’ dependencies and interdependency MS&A
Data and Databases
Emergency and crises management models & tools
IT inferences on CIs preparedness & resilience
Standards & Ontology in the domain of CI protection (CIP)

Critical Infrastructures Sectors

Air‐transport & airports
Electrical power generation & supply
Gas & Oil production, storage & transport
ICT networks
Massive data storage & servers
Maritime transport & ports
Medical & health care
Process industry
Railway transportation
Supply chain process
Water supply and water works


Extreme weather conditions
Natural threats
Forest fire
Torrential rain
Volcanic eruptions
Industrial & technological accidents
Financial & stock market perturbation
Industrial wastes disposal

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