Urban Lunch Talk #26 – Envisioning a Sustainable Future: PEDs and Climate-Neutral Cities


Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Huge efforts on many levels are needed to achieve this goal, and one thing we know: cities will play a crucial role in this endeavour. The European Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities strives for more than 100 frontrunner cities to reach this goal already by 2030. Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are important building blocks for the climate-neutral city, as the PED concept focuses on neighbourhood-level solutions for optimised energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and engages local communities to share and trade energy.

But what exactly defines a Positive Energy District, and how do its strategies relate to climate-neutral neighbourhoods? Why is it interesting to focus on the district level, and how do PEDs contribute to a just transition?

This Urban Lunch Talk will address these questions and explore the intricate intersection of climate-neutrality, PEDs, and the broader vision of sustainable, liveable cities. Together, we will explore the relevance of PEDs in accelerating the transition to climate-neutral cities and discuss ways to support their implementation.


• Hanne Mangelschots, Civil engineer-architect, Architecture Workroom Brussels & Researcher at UGent
• Simon Schneider, Researcher at University of Applied Sciences Vienna
• Anneloes van Noordt, Researcher at the Department of Environment and Spatial Development of Flanders
• Christoph Gollner, Transition Pathway coordinator, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership


• Jennifer Wendelius, Communications Officer, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership