Open Network on DEM Simulations (CA22132)

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2023.05.12 - 2027.10.03
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Particle-based simulations model diverse materials including sand, food grains, pharmaceutical products, ceramic powders and bulk materials, amongst others. Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations are used across multiple disciplines; as a result, the techniques have developed in different ways across these disciplines, and many DEM software packages exist. Even for experienced researchers the choice of a DEM code is challenging and involves a steep learning curve. However, open-source programs are free, well adapted to research, and promote knowledge sharing, reproducibility, and versatility. They also prevent the “black box” problems encountered with proprietary/commercial platforms.

This Action aims to unify knowledge and people across wide/diverse DEM communities. The Action will assess and extend what can be achieved with DEM by disseminating new developments, promoting best practice, providing simulation examples, validation experiments, common tools for data analysis, as well as training of young researchers and involving other interested parties.

The COST Action has five themes:

  1. tackling real (large) industrial and engineering problems;
  2. using physics to account for complex phenomena more realistically;
  3. big data and visualization tools for better and quicker DEM analysis of results
  4. normalisation and best practice
  5. enhancing commercial utilisation of DEM codes.

Each of these themes is aligned to a different Working Group, addressing major current challenges related to DEM simulation.


Granuliuotos medžiagos, Dalelių metodai, Atvirasis kodas, Mikromechanika, Skaitmeninis mechanikos modeliavimas


Akronimas: ON-DEM

Projekto ID: CA22132

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Kvietimas: LMT kvietimas teikti atstovo COST veiklos valdymo komitete paraiškas


Koordinatorius: Edinburgh Napier UniversityEdinburgh Napier University, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, Jungtinė Karalystė

Partneriai: Išsamus COST veiklos CA22132 partnerių sąrašas

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Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas;
Lietuvos energetikos institutas

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